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SetsMol believes that property ownership is the cornerstone of wealth. We have observed that many South African are under-educated in matters relating to housing.

We have also observed how high the rates of individuals with impaired credit bureau records halts access to adequate housing. Our company was born out of a deep desire to correct this problem and educate people with housing-related challenges.

We offer high quality training programmes to enable individuals to generate wealth through owning a home. Thus, promoting a healthier and more sustainable South Africa for all. SetsMol is in a unique position to effectively reduce poverty, improve the potential for lower income sector to gain access to proper housing and improving the overall housing market.

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Educating people with housing-related challenges

We provide people with the knowledge and skills needed to make educated financial decisions, and secure affordable housing for their family and future.

What you will learn

Our programmes include

Get the property ownership course that you can take advantage of regarding your home.
This course gives current home owners understanding of their rights, responsibilities, accountabilities, and contractual obligations including those of realtors. The workshop is designed to educate and assist in making informed decisions regarding housing. The goal of this course is to empower current home-owners with up-to-date information so that they do not fall into the debt trap. We promote ownership that is long and prosperous.
In this course we share practical tenure option available in the country. We expose potential home owners to the knowledge surrounding buying, building, renting, freehold, sectional title, and housing association. Our training programme assists first-time home buyers on making informed decisions and ultimately empowers them to achieve a better quality of life without falling into debt.
This programme addresses the challenges within a sectional title environment. This course will provide legal and practical knowledge about living in a rental-housing environment. The emphasis of this course is on the Sectional Title, Contractual obligations and house rules (Rental Housing Act No. 50 of 1999 and Social Housing).

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