Services we offer

Credit Literacy Initiative

An innovative campaign that incorporates practical credit education and targeted resources for rapid affordability and credit improvement resulting in the ability to get your credit application approved to qualify for a home loan, car loan, furniture etc.

First time home buyer housing education

This course exposes the potential home owner to various housing tenure options available in the country. It empowers them with knowledge of selecting appropriate tenure options (buying, building, renting, freehold, sectional title, and housing associations)

Financial Wellness

Participants are empowered by experts on how credit scores are derived and specific strategies to improve disposable income(eliminating over indebtedness) and credit profile through the addition of positive credit and removal of negative entries on their credit reports.

Tenant & Social housing education

It involves the legal and practical aspects of living in a rental-housing environment. The emphasis is based on the Sectional Title, Contractual obligations and house rules (Rental Housing Act No. 50 of 1999 and Social Housing)


Borrower education

It provides current and potential home owners with essential knowledge and skills in accessing and managing housing finances, and understanding of their financial obligations. It promotes responsible financial behaviour and attitude that helps to minimize the risk of defaults by prioritizing bond repayments

Individual counselling in home-ownership

We offer professional individual consultations/solutions with regards to housing and financial related challenges.






Legendary Life Funeral Scheme

An innovative cost-effective approach to funeral service provision that gives you peace of mind and confidence to face unexpected incidents such as your death or that of your loved one. It covers you as the main member, your spouse and six of your children. We also have an extended family package where we cover them individually for only R60 p/m per person. They get the same benefits as the main member and your family.

Sustainable home-ownership

This course gives current home owners understanding of their rights, responsibilities, accountabilities, and contractual obligations including those of realtor's. The workshop is designed to educate and assist in making informed housing decisions.


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