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SetsMol is an accredited South African based Wellness Education Company with over 30 years of combined experience in providing comprehensive training in Financial Literacy Management and Sustainable Property/ Home Ownership to individuals and personnel within organizations; Promoting – Rights, Contractual obligations, Responsibilities and Accountability.


Currently, we add value and specialize in assisting those who have impaired credit bureau records with practical training and knowledge to repair – understand and unlock their Potential of credit applications been approved.

SetsMol believes that through comprehensive education, individuals can obtain financial freedom. This belief is founded on the principles of democracy, which grants everybody the right to better education. We specialize in assisting those who have impaired credit bureau records with practical training and knowledge to understand and unlock their financial management abilities. We promote the value of training with our economical, flexible and timely training programmes; fine-tuned and combined to assist individuals and organizations to build competitive advantage and encourage innovation.

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Training & Educational Services

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Credit Literacy & Wellness Initiative

An innovative, campaign to help individuals  who cannot qualify for loans/credit due to impaired credit bureau records.


Financial Wellness

Empowers individuals with finanial insight and bestows on them the ability to better manage their personal finances.

Borrower Education

Empowers communities with essential knowledge and skills required in accessing and managing finance and the understanding of financial obligations of borrowed money/credit/loan

Housing Consumer Education

The course exposes the potential homebuyer to various housing tenure options available in our country. It empowers them with knowledge in order to make informed decisions.

Tenant & Social Housing Education

The course equips potential tenants with new knowledge and draws the awareness to the different types of tenure and technicalities involved and the legal and practical aspects of living in a Rental-housing environment.

Sustainable Home-Ownership

This course enables current homeowners to have clear understanding of their rights, contractual obligations, accountabilities, affordability and responsibilities including those of realtors.


Industries that would benefit

Our programmes can be customised to align with individual and business objectives.
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Credit Provider Institutions
Private Sector
Housing Role Players

General Public or Communities


Solly MolefeSechaoaro

Solly MolefeSechaoaro’s path to Setsmol of today is full of fascinating experiences. A teacher by profession, the opportunity to study overseas and obtain a post-graduate degree at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies in Rotterdam, Netherlands set the stage for Solly’s future.

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Our Vision

Creating a better South Africa by educating individuals on how to responsibly work within their budget to improve their lives. We want to guide South Africans to get their money to work for them and not the other way around.

Our Mission

Be known in South Africa as the preferred educational institution that provides unique, practical financial wellness courses to individuals and personnel within corporate companies.

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Our Associations

We are proud to be associated with The Department of Human Settlement, DCASA, Department of Higher Education & Training, SACE, NCR, EAP, Accountability and CETA

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We design and deliver value-added, affordable training programmes to individuals and personnel within organizations.

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