Know your rights & obligations as a credit/loan applicant

Borrower Education

This course provides potential and current credit/loan applicants with essential knowledge and skills required in accessing and managing their finances, understanding of financial obligations. It also promotes responsible financial behavior and attitude that helps to minimize the risk of default, Prioritizing loan repayments. Promoting the use of National Loan Register (NLR); NCA – National Credit Act 1st June 2007

At SetsMol, we offer unique programs aimed at helping people regain positive credit profiles through our financial management courses.

Other Financial Management programmes include

Get the financial management course that you can easily apply to your daily routine.

An innovative solution to promote creditworthiness. This programme will teach you how to improve your credit rating and your budget. You will gain practical knowledge on how credit scores are derived and specific strategies to improve disposable income and eliminating over indebtedness. We will teach you how to create positive credit and remove of negative entries on your credit reports to positively impact your financial opportunities. The goal is to educate individuals and organization and share targeted resources for rapid affordability and credit improvement. This results in credit applications being approved to qualify for a home loan, car loan, furniture and more.

With employers requiring a more stable, financially sound and happy work force, great focus has been placed on individuals housing needs. The lack of a stable and secure family life can greatly influence the productivity of the individual employee. A proper house is the greatest single contributing factor towards employee stability, and it is in the employees’ own interest to learn more about housing in South Africa.

SetsMol works actively with employers in all market segments to provide, on site, specialized housing related assistance programmes to assist people to make informed housing decisions about sustainable housing options. These on-site presentations and consultations with employees minimize lost production time. SetsMol has good relations with various stakeholders viz, Financial institutions (FNB, Nedbank, ABSA, Standard Bank, RMB, Teba Bank) Government Institutions (NDoH, NHFC, FSB, RHL, NDoH, etc.

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