Credit Literacy & Wellness Initiative

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An innovative solution to promote creditworthiness. 

Loan applicants are generally faced with financial pressures
and in  most instances, individuals applications are declined due to affordability, interest rate hikes, poor credit bureau profiles, and lack of educational aspect of sustainable credit management and they don’t know who to get help from to repair their credit bureau profiles/records 


The Challenge

One of the key reasons why credit /loan applications are
declined is due to Impaired credit bureau records: Workers are clue less about the latter until their application is declined. The worst case scenario, they don’t know and understand how to repair their credit bureau records.

The Solution

Credit /Financial Literacy and Wellness Initiative– a capacity building programme that addresses the above challenge; will empower employees on  how to improve their credit bureau records. They will gain practical knowledge on how credit scores are derived and specific strategies to improve disposable income and eliminating over indebtedness.

We capacitate employees on  how to create positive credit and remove of negative entries on your credit reports- blacklisting, judgements, etc.

This results in credit applications being approved to qualify for a home loan, car loan, furniture and more.


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