For those living in Flats, Town Houses, Apartments .etc.

Tenant & Social Housing Education

The course equips tenants with new knowledge and draws their awareness to the different types of tenure and technicalities involved. It involves the legal and practical aspects of living in a Rental-housing environment. The emphasis is based on Sectional Title, Contractual Obligations and House Rules. (Rental Housing Act No. 50 of 1999 & Social Housing)

Educating people with housing-related challenges

We provide people with the knowledge and skills needed to make empower financial decisions, and secure affordable housing for their family and future.

Other property management programmes include

Get the property ownership course that you can take advantage of regarding your home.
In this course we share practical tenure option available in the country. We expose potential home owners to the knowledge surrounding buying, building, renting, freehold, sectional title, and housing association. Our training programme assists first-time home buyers on making informed decisions and ultimately empowers them to achieve a better quality of life without falling into debt.

This course enables current homeowners to have clear understanding of their rights, contractual obligations, accountabilities, affordability and responsibilities including those of realtors

The course exposes the potential homebuyer to various housing tenure options available in our country. It empowers them with knowledge in order to make informed decisions.

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